Daniel In The Den Of Lions By Tina Negus

Early Medieval Carvings and their Origins.

 "Your God himself, whom you have served so faithfully, will have to save you" (Book of Daniel, chapter 6, verse 16. Jerusalem Bible).    

These words, spoken by King Darius the Mede as he had the prophet Daniel thrown into the den of lions for the crime of refusing to worship him, have echoed down the centuries.  Daniel’s God did indeed save him, and ever since he has been taken as an example of faith and righteousness, together with Jonah and the three young men in the fiery furnace. His trust in the Lord and his innocence are seen as a protection against evil. It is not surprising therefore, that images of Daniel are found from the earliest years of Christianity, until medieval times; indeed Daniel may be taken as a prefigurement of Christ Himself.


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