Romanesque Sculpture Of The Pilgrimage Roads By Arthur Kingsley-Porter, Vol.1

This is the first volume of: "Romanesque Sculpture of the Pilgrimage Roads" by Arthur Kingsley-Porter, (1923).  It was downloaded courtesy of Toronto University who have made it available on line.  This ten-volume work is no longer in copyright.  Arthur Kingsley-Porter, an American art historian, (1883-1933), was born in Stamford, Connecticut, and taught at Yale (1915-1919) and Harvard (1920-1933).  His life was cut short by a tragic accident in Ireland, where he owned Glenveagh Castle, Donnegal. 

Among Kingsley-Porter’s other works are, "Medieval Architecture: its Origins and Development", 1909, "Lombard Architecture" (4 volumes), 1919 and "Spanish Romanesque Sculpture" (2 volumes), 1928.

He is now, perhaps, best known as a pioneer of Art History in America, and as the mentor and guide of Meyer Schapiro.

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